UV Sanitizer & Portable
Air Purifier

We offer the most reliable and authentic product that eliminates 99.9% viruses, bacteria, germs, allergy triggers, pathogen and microbes to keep you and your loved ones, safe and healthy. As the products prevent contamination of deadly substances, fresh environment is created in any commercial or residential set up.

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High Sterilization Rate

Comprehensive Antivirus

Light & Compact

Choose B-Safe, Breathe Healthy & Cleaner Air !

Sanitizers and UV air purifiers kill nearly cent-percent germs, bacteria and viruses that generate life-threatening conditions. The products also eliminate tiny airborne particles that cause more damage specifically to kids and older ones. With replaceable UV bulb, the air purifiers guarantee fresh and healthy air for your lovely family. Importantly, it’s an easy-to-carry product that can be taken to any place including home, offices, restaurants, gyms, beauty salons, markets and many such places.

Product Specification

Model Name B-Safe
Power (W) 4.8
After-sales Service none
Type Germicidal UV Lamp
Power Source Electric
UV light source 3W/10V

More Specifications :

Capacity (CFM) 10
Voltage (V) 120
Warranty none
Installation PORTABLE
Working noise 60DB
Working current 0.38A/AC120V
Built-in fan DC 24V/0.06A


Clean Air :- B-Safe eliminates 99.9% viruses and bacteria to keep you completely safe. It inhales indoor air automatically and exhales fresh air to put bad odors at bay. This ultimately circulates the much desired clean air.

Freedom from sanitization hassles:-  It’s a hassle free sanitization. The portable product is so easy to use and also comes handy.

Quiet Operation :- Our products offer 360° purification performance with extremely Low noise. We make it sure that you enjoy a high quality sleep when B-Safe air purifier is on the job.

Compact Design :- The small size design makes it easy to fit in any small area or rooms. The products are perfect and ideal for any set-up, irrespective of the size.

Fully Protection :-The products are completely safe with fully protection case design. They work in photolysis cavity, with absolutely no radiation and ozone leakage.

What you will get

  • 1×Air Purifier Mainframe
  • 1×Bulb
  • 1×User Manual

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